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20 Kikopup videos To Share With Clients


Stop puppy biting with handling games

First things to train and to avoid – puppy dog training

Common Newbie Errors When Using Food to Train Dogs and Puppies

Stop puppy biting clothes shoes and leash

Leash Walking:

STOP Leash Walking Problems BEFORE they Start


What TO do and what NOT to do if your dog runs away and doesn’t listen

Fun Recall Game – Puppy Training Come Recall


Did you know about this dog training method? – Professional dog training

Train your dog for the vet – TIPS – Professional Dog Training

How to STOP Unwanted Behavior WITHOUT Intimidation

How is it possible to use POSITIVE METHODS for FEAR, REACTIVITY and
AGGRESSION in Dog Training?

Why newbies FAIL using TREATS and TOYS to TRAIN DOGS

Specific Cues:

STOP jumping up!

How to train your dog not to bark- Episode 1 – barking at noises

Touch – target training – Dog Training

The Attention Game!

TROUBLESHOOTING for training a dog to DROP a TOY

WHY I make the Dog Training cue DROP fun

Leave It *NEW version by KIKOPUP*

Teach Go in Your Crate