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Submitting Your Assessment Results – Assessor Updates

We have made the following updates to the Instructor/Assessor Guide

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Submitting Your Assessment Results

  1. If your clients wish to be listed in the PDA guardian directory on the website, then it will be your responsibility to notify the PDA administrator of the results of your candidates’ assessments by completing and submitting the Candidate Assessment Form in the Assessors’ Knowledge Center.
  2. Upon receipt of the Assessment Form, the administrator will email you the private links you can email to your clients so they can register on the website or upgrade their PDA level.
  3. You have access to the PDA Pet Guardian certificates that can be personalized and provided to your clients in the form of a graduation.
  4. You are responsible for ensuring your clients once they have been successfully assessed, receive the appropriate certificate with their full name and the name of their pet.
  5. There are advanced instructions via video of how you can do this in your instructor/assessor website area. We are here to assist you in this also.
  6. The PDA administrator is available to provide updated information to qualified assessors and you may contact them via email: [email protected]

Key Changes Are:

PDA Guardians are not automatically added to the directory, as many do not want or need to be listed. This gives them a choice.

If a PDA Guardian wants to be listed, you can send them the correct registration links and then they can add themselves.