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Take Part in Groundbreaking Puppy Research Run by University of Lincoln and Zigzag

Did you know? There has been minimal research surrounding puppy development since the 1960s, with huge gaps existing in our knowledge—particularly in relation to specific breed behaviours and traits. Crazy, isn’t it?

Zigzag has joined forces with the University of Lincoln, and we want you to join us and be a pioneer in new, modern research—research that could prove crucial to puppy development. Through this research, you and your clients could be a direct reason for people to gain a better understanding of puppy behaviour that would ultimately help improve their relationship with dogs. 

Next steps…

If this is something you and your clients would like to take part in, then please join our study now and become part of the puppy research revolution!

All answers and the results of this research will be anonymous. Click the button below to take the survey!