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The PPG 2023 Summit Save The Date!

Homeward Bound – Transitioning Pets into Their New Homes Save The Dates

Fun & Enriching Education for Pets & Their People

Dates Nov 1-5, 2023, Arizona Humane Society 2023


Presentation Topics

Homeward Bound 

Matchmaking 101: Pairing the Right Pet With the Best Home

Welcoming a New Pet: Reality, NOT “Reality TV”

Look, Listen and Learn: Teaching People What Their Pets Are Telling Them

Animal Husbandry: Top 10 Important Skills & Knowledge for Clients

From Cautious to Confident: Fun and Games for Shy Pets AND Their People

Simplifying Shaping Skills & Differential Reinforcement for Clients

Calming the Storm: Relief for Stressed Out People and Their Pets

Pet Training and Enrichment

Pet Enrichment: Making a Good Life Even Better

Socialization: A Lifetime of Enjoyable Learning

Gaming the System: Gamification of Training

Data Collection: The Process Can Be FUN and REWARDING

If You Can’t Explain It Simply… Anthropomorphism Is NOT a Bad Word

Riding the Rollercoaster: The Emotional Side of Pet Training & People Engagement


Less Is More: Handling Distressed Dogs

Playground, Not Battleground: Finding a Dog’s Perfect Playmate

Tame the Brain: Help for the Over-Aroused Dog


Slow Down, Calm Down: Handling Fearful Felines

Cat Play: Satisfying the Need to Hunt

Interacting with Cats: Best Practices