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Don’t Eat That! – Force free food-avoidance training for “Hoover Dogs” with Simone Mueller

Don’t Eat That! – Force free food-avoidance training for “Hoover Dogs” with Simone Mueller


December 22, 2023 - May 31, 2027    
12:00 am (ET)


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Webinar Description

Living with a dog who relentlessly scavenges food can be exhausting. Instead of enjoying relaxed walks with their dogs, dog owners are constantly scanning the environment for discarded food and feel frustrated as they have to fish something disgusting out of their dog’s mouth, yet again.

The problem is that scavenging is a deep-rooted, natural behaviour, making it much more challenging to train than other canine behaviours.

However, there is a structured food-avoidance training program that can help manage a dog’s scavenging behaviour in a kind, effective way – achieving long-term results without aversive training techniques.

Learning Objectives

  • Why dogs love to scavenge
  • Which methods you should avoid using
  • How does force-free food avoidance training work
  • What are the first steps when clients come to you with a “hoover dog”
  • What are scavenging games and how can they help

Your Presenter – Simone Mueller

Simone Mueller, MA is a certified dog trainer and dog behaviour consultant (ATN) from Germany.

Simone specialises in force-free anti-predation training and is the author of the three books of the Predation Substitute Training series “Hunting Together”, “Rocket Recall” and “Don’t Eat That”.

Simone is proud to be an Associate Trainer at the Scotland-based Lothlorien Dog Training Club (AT-LDTC) and a member of The Initiative of Force-Free Dog Training, the Pet Professional Guild (PPG) and the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe (PDTE).

Follow Simone’s work on Facebook and Instagram: #predationsubstitutetraining. You can learn more here. 


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