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From Canines to Equines: Considerations When Applying Dog Training Techniques To Horse and Other Equids with Erin Maloney

From Canines to Equines: Considerations When Applying Dog Training Techniques To Horse and Other Equids with Erin Maloney


March 25, 2024 - April 5, 2028    
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (ET)


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Whether you’ve spent time with equines in a past life, you’ve wanted to spend time with them but never had a chance or they are an integral part of your day-to-day, many canine trainers wonder how they can adapt their force-free handling and training techniques to their equine friends. Come and learn the similarities and differences between equines and canines from an ethological and training perspective.

Learn what techniques and learning theories you can apply directly to equines and what differences you need to account for. What is protected contact, why should it be used with equines, and when should it be used? What training plans are directly transferable to equines, and when should new plans be written? How to safely feed, lure, and work in close contact with such a large animal.

Learn about similarities and differences in body language and stress signals. Horse welfare is even further behind than dog welfare. Learn how you can make a difference for the equines in your life!

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the similarities and differences between canines and equines regarding learning theory, training mechanics and ethology.
  2. Recognize what to consider when training equines compared to canines, particularly feral and fearful, including protected contact.
  3. Understand the welfare needs of equines as they vary significantly from canines.
  4. Understand the differences in training goals and behaviors, particularly the additional cooperative care training skills we need with equines compared to canines.
  5. Understand how to adapt canine training plans and techniques for equines and other species.


Your Presenter – Erin Maloney

Erin owns Raising Pawtential and Erin Maloney Equine Services in Canton, Ohio. She has her Certificate in Training and Counseling from the Academy for Dog Trainers and is working on her Certificate in Equine Ergonomics from Saddlefit4Life. Erin specializes in dogs with fear and aggression and R+ horse training. She gives R+ horse training clinics around NE Ohio as well as in-person and virtual training for dogs and horses. Her goal for both species is to live happy, fear-free and pain-free in homes that meet their welfare needs.



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