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Shelter & Rescue Division Membership Meetup – Separation Anxiety in Shelter/Rescue Dogs with Malena DeMartini


Divisional meetups are informal members-only gatherings that are hosted by the individual divisions. They feature guest speakers and provide PPG members opportunities to meet, chat and learn about specific topics pertinent to that division. Meetups are live-streamed into PPG’s Members-Only Facebook group and are also held via Zoom, which enables the use of Closed Captioning and provides access for members who prefer not to be on Facebook. The events are recorded for members to watch after the fact.

Only PPG members can register for this event.  Members can access the event directly through the Zoom link in the registration email and watch it live streamed into the PPG Member Facebook Group. 


Hosted by Your PPG Sheler & Rescue  Division

A casual 10-minute presentation followed by a group chat and many questions and answers. 

Location: Login to Zoom directly or watch this event live-streamed in the PPG Member Group

Hosts: Holden Svirsky

Guest Speakers: Malena DeMartini

Topic: Separation Anxiety in Shelter/Rescue Dogs

Recorded: Yes this event will be recorded and will be available in the PPG member area afterward. It will also be live-streamed into the PPG Member Group on Facebook.

You must be a PPG member to book this event.