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Teenage Dogs – Who Are They? Presented by Barbara Hodel

Teenage Dogs – Who Are They? Presented by  Barbara Hodel


April 3, 2024 - April 30, 2029    
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm (ET)


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Teenage dogs can be challenging but it doesn’t need to be hard. All dogs (and humans) must go through the teenage phase to reach the stability of adulthood. Some dogs breeze through this stage with barely a glitch but most of us will have a challenging time. It is normal to sometimes feel disappointed because we thought we did everything right when they were puppies and now nothing seems to be working. The challenges are real and can put our relationship with our dog at risk.
An understanding of the unique challenges of teenage dogs, appreciating the importance of emotions and why positive reinforcement is best, ongoing socialization and a dose of ‘anthropomorphism’ will help you navigate this phase and keep your and your dog’s sanity.

Learning objectives:
• Understand how the brain works or maybe better doesn’t work during adolescence.
• Discuss gender differences and desexing.
• Discover how learning is affected during adolescence.
• Explore what kind of relationship with our teenage dogs is beneficial.
• Analyse the function and benefits of ‘anthropomorphism’.
• Learn how early socialization and ongoing socialization are different.
• Understand daily challenges (startle responses, secondary fear phases, behavior chains) and how to best deal with them.


Your Presenter – Barbara Hodel


Barbara has been involved in dog training for the last 17 years and holds a Diploma in Canine Behaviour Science and Technology at the Companion Animal Sciences Institute in Canada (September 2015)and has achieved a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services as a Delta-accredited instructor. She competes in the dog sport of Agility.
Barbara holds a Master’s Degree in Modern European History and Economics from the University of Berne (Switzerland) and a MBA (Master of Business Administration) from Southern Cross University Australia. In addition, Barbara has in-depth experience in adult education and training, having taught high school and university students in Berne, college students in Sydney, as well as middle and top management employees of a large public corporation in Switzerland.


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