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Why Would Anybody Need a Dog Lawyer with Jeremy Cohen Founder of The Boston Dog Lawyers

Why Would Anybody Need a Dog Lawyer with Jeremy Cohen Founder of The Boston Dog Lawyers


June 20, 2024    
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (ET)


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Pet law is about the combination of decisions from the 1800s with the modernization of the societal views of pets. We share examples of how the rights of pet owners are expanding and what the impact of these changes has on the various members of the pet world. Through handling pet custody, dangerous dogs, wrongful pet injury, pet business and other pet related legal matters we can both entertain and educate in our seminars.

At Boston Dog Lawyers we strive to be a resource for learning about this new area of legal focus and throughout our presentations we offer various tips based on our learning over the last 7-years. Our mission is to foster transparency by challenging authorities (judges, clerks, police, boards) to get to the right decision the right way. Pet owners and business owners will leave with a sense of empowerment as they learn what to avoid and what to insist on so that they can keep pets safe. We are expanding with affiliates around the country so more people can have access to these important resources.

Learning Objectives

  1. The presentation centers on the top 6 pet related issues for which someone may seek legal assistance.
  2. We share through examples from our work, the ways a pet owner can benefit from a pet lawyer as well as ways to help themselves and avoid the need.
  3. We also focus on pet businesses as we all have the same clients and provide suggestions on how to resolve a grievance before it grows worse; again based on our own experiences with 5,000 calls from around the country.

Your Presenter – Jeremy Cohen

Attorney Jeremy Cohen is the founder of Boston Dog Lawyers. In 2016 his became the first law office in Massachusetts dedicated to working solely on pet related matters. He and his staff have now spoken with nearly 5,000 pet owners and pet businesses from around the world. Attorney Cohen is in court on pet cases 3 times per week and now has an affiliate in San Diego. The lawyers at BDL make arguments in court that challenge the way pets are viewed in the legal system. Sometimes they win and sometimes they hit roadblocks. In 2024 they hit the pet lottery. The appeals court in MA determined that two people who were formerly in a relationship and had a dog together can be ordered to engage in shared possession under certain circumstances.

Attorney Cohen has become active in various areas of the pet world. He works with the Ollie’s Law coalition to pass legislation to protect pets and their owners at boarding facilities. He was a guest speaker at the International Boarding and Pet Services Association and is a guest lecturer at Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine. He was named the 2023 Association of Professional Dog Trainers member of the year for his service as chair of the Ethics Committee. Boston Dog Lawyers are not animal rights activists; they are pet owner’s rights advocates.




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