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New Year New Mew: Your puuuurfectly lean dogs and cats.

New Year New Mew: Your puuuurfectly lean dogs and cats.


February 20, 2029 - February 20, 2031    
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (ET)


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Is your cat or dog more chunky than you’d like? Approximately 63% of cats and 59.3% of dogs worldwide are considered overweight. Or is your cat or dog always searching for food, breaking into garbage bins, and jumping on counters? It is becoming more common for pet guardians, when trying to prevent obesity, to restrict food to such a degree that it can create behavioral issues. So how do we know when we’re feeding enough?

This presentation will give you the skills to assess your pet’s weight so you know when to decrease or increase food and how much. We’ll also talk about low-impact exercises to keep our pets active. Include your pet’s weight in your 2024 New Year’s resolutions!

  • Learn why a lean body is important for our pets.
  • Learn how to assess your pet’s body condition.
  • Top tips to manage your pet’s weight.
  • Implement low-impact forms of exercise.

Your Presenter – Gillian Gallimore 

Gillian is the founder of The Healthy Feline, a science-based and nutrition-forward virtual consultancy aimed at helping cats and their humans live better together. She believes that health begins with nutrition, and focuses her work on diet and behavior. She employs force- and fear-free training techniques while helping guardians manage litter box issues, aggression, excessive vocalizations, destructive scratching, obsessive behaviors, obesity, and pickiness. She has worked and volunteered in cat rescue for over a decade and has spent much of her career rehabilitating undersocialized cats around Toronto, Canada. Working with rescue groups and shelters, Gillian has rehomed about a thousand cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds (and some reptiles!) She lives with two cats, a greyhound, and a husband, who are all the loves of her life.



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