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Scent & Scentability Virtual Program Your Scent Work For Practical Training & Behavior Solutions with Dr. Robert & Karen Caton Hewings

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Scent & Scentability Virtual Program Your Scent Work For Practical Training & Behavior Solutions with Dr. Robert & Karen Caton Hewings


March 12, 2024 - March 29, 2029    
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm (ET)


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Scent & Scentability Virtual Program



Who Is This Recorded Event Designed For?

Dog Trainers, Behavior Consultants, shelter/rescue organizations, and others who work in the field of Training & Behavior. Professionals looking to add new services, enhancements, and ways to help manage and resolve training and behavior challenges. Scent Geeks wanting to learn more about scent work and hang around other Scent Geeks for a few days.

Workshop  Description

4 General Sessions to get everyone up to scent speed that include practical activities!

  1. Session One: Introduction to The Canine Olfactory System
  2. Session Two: Introduction to Scent & Its Many Disciplines
  3. Session Three: Teaching Scent Skills, Equipment and Environment
  4. Session Four: Scent Searches, Patterns, Duration, Handling

8 topics cover incorporating Scent Work into your Training and Behavior business. 

  1. From Reactive to Noseactive: Scent Work for canine reactivity in private consultations
  2. The Nosey Puppy: Scent Work to help promote puppy confidence in puppy classes
  3. The Nose Leads the Way: Scent Work to help promote enriched walks and nice leash skills
  4. Nosing Around: Scent Work to help promote confidence in canines in private consultations
  5. Take Me Out to the Nose Game: Scent Work to help Shelter & Rescue Dogs thrive in their environments
  6. The Old Nose’s Still Got It: Scent Work to help build enrichment for Grey Muzzle Dogs
  7. Ring Around the Noseys: Scent Work to build fun group classes
  8. Smell Something, Do Something: Scent Work to help with Service Dogs such as PTSD night tremor detection

12-month access to all recordings and lifetime access to PDF downloads


Your Presenter – Dr. Robert Hewings & Karen Caton Hewings


Dr. Rob and Karen are the driving force behind the College of Scent Dogs. Together, they bring a unique combination of proven operational canine scent detection training experience underpinned by outstanding academic qualifications.

Both Rob and Karen have served with London’s Metropolitan Police, each retiring after 30 years of exemplary service—that’s 60 years of operational experience to share with you.

Rob is also an operational police dog handler with 20 years of specialized canine training, and spent the final 10 years of his service as a full-time police dog trainer. In his quest to gain more knowledge in his field, Rob engaged on a learning journey that spanned 10 years, ending in a doctorate of professional practice scent detection dog training. He is the award-winning author of Scent Training for Every Dog and will soon be releasing his second book, Tracking for Every Dog.

Karen is the college’s most experienced and operationally proven team member, being an accomplished specialist search dog trainer working within the explosive search environment both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Karen has planned and developed both national and international training exercises. She has organized joint working practices between the police, military, prison service, Britain’s Ministry of Defense and the private security sector.

Having worked within the counterterrorism area of policing, Karen has hands-on experience dealing with the aftermath of terror attacks, and as a licensed search dog handler has spent many years protecting the royal family, the British government and its property, and high-level security requirements in and around London.

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