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The Pet Professional Guild is a membership organization representing pet industry professionals who are committed to results based, science based force-free training and pet care.  Become a steward of the science based, results based force-free message, philosophy and training practices.  We represent Veterinarians, Veterinarian Technicians, Behavior Consultants, Trainers, Dog Walkers, Pet Sitters & Groomers . PPG represents Training and Behavior professionals across many species.   It's Time To say No!  - No To Shock, Prong, Choke, Pain, Fear & Force. 


Pet Professional Guild names 2018 scholarship recipients

Successful candidates gain opportunity to further their education in the field of force-free pet care, training and behavior consulting. Click here to read the full release

Chirag Patel and Robert Hewings join Pet Professional Guild British Isles Special Counsel

Respected animal trainers and educators partner with PPGBI to support its ongoing mission to promote force-free, positive, scientifically-sound dog training methods worldwide Click here

Join PPG Today! Calling all Pet Professionals

PPG is the only professional membership organization for pet industry professionals who subscribe to the view that aversive methods, tools and equipment should never be used - or even deemed necessary - in the training, care or behavior modification of any animal.  As an organization we stand up for what we believe in with ongoing advocacy initiatives, and we back up our positions with the latest scientific research and peer-reviewed studies.  Have a look at our key published position statements and our open letters.

We host BARKS Podcasts monthly, members have access to a minimum of one FREE educational webinar or webcast each month and there are  many more reasons to join.  Click here to learn about all the other benefits of being a PPG member. 

The Pet Professional Guild (PPG) was founded based on a commitment to provide educational resources to pet care providers and the public coupled with an emphasis on building collaboration among force-free pet trainers and professional pet care providers and advocates for mutually agreed guiding principles for the pet care industry.  PPG partners, members and affiliates focus on each pet’s physical, mental, environmental and nutritional well-being adhering to a holistic approach to the care and training of family pets. 

Established at the beginning of 2012, The PPG began with the very simple goal of serving the Pet Industry and as an educational antidote to the scientifically unfounded and dangerous methods and practices popularized by entertainment TV.  Niki Tudge, the founder of The Pet Professional Guild and a Dog Training and Pet Care Professional, was frustrated by the lack of comprehensive resources committed to force-free training and pet care based on current scientific learning theory. 

Tudge believed the pet industry needed a source of information where pet owners and pet professionals who are committed to using force-free training and pet care methods could share ideas, exchange best practices, continue their education, collaborate on efforts and find resources that were truly force-free based.   In addition, she felt that the pet-owning public needed an educational resource that would clarify the differences in training and pet care methodologies available and where a pet owner could be confident that the information, services and products offered were on the forefront of force-free training and pet care. Learn more about the history of PPG and its core mission

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