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Professionalizing the Pet Training Industry by Encouraging Trainers and Behavior Consultants to Demonstrate Competency

What Is the PPAB Transfer Matrix?

When an individual who already holds a credential awarded by another organization applies for a Pet Professional Accreditation Board (PPAB) credential, they consult the PPAB Credential Transfer Matrix to determine whether their current credential can be transferred to their chosen PPAB credential and what additional items they may need to submit.

How to Add Your Credential to the Matrix

Whether you are an individual or a credentialing organization, if your credential is not currently in the Transfer Matrix, we invite you to add it!

It’s easy—a representative from the credentialing organization simply needs to complete a Credential Transfer Application. If you are an individual looking to get your credential added to the matrix, please ask the credentialing organization to complete the application by copying the form’s URL and pasting it into an email.

Once we receive the application, the PPAB team will conduct a credential review and determine what components can be transferred into the PPAB program.

Let’s get started!

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