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What is Shock Training?

Shock collar trainers have several names for the shocks that they administer through the collar.

A tap. A stim. A nick. A page. Static. Application of pressure.  

It sounds like something short and relatively benign, but do not be fooled!

Even the word “shock,” although it has much more negative connotations (which is why shock collar trainers usually don’t use the word), sounds like something brief. If you get a shock from scuffing your feet on the carpet then touching metal, it is unpleasant but over in milliseconds.

What many people don’t realize is that in many types of shock collar training, the electric shock is on for much longer periods and is used at a higher level.  In the initial training sessions it is turned on and left on until the dog figures out, sometimes with very little effective information from the trainer, what she is supposed to do to get it to turn off.

Collar Damage

Invisible Fence collar burns – photo shared by a DITR student who is a vet tech in Spokane. Electronic devices malfunction – this dog was probably suffering for days before his owners noticed.

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