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Cats and Kids

by Andrea Carne “And in breaking news … a child was left scratched and in tears after a play session with his pet cat went horribly wrong …” Ever heard that on the nightly news bulletin? No, of course not. We may hear about dog bites from time to time and much has been written over the years about children and dogs. Indeed, many pages of books, articles and blogs have been dedicated to the topic and some fabulous commu­nity education and classroom programs have been developed to edu­cate children—and their… Continued

Hunting the Elusive Red Dot

This article examines a recent study that explores the downside of laser light pointers in feline play and outlines alternative toy and puzzle choices to ensure cats have the opportunity to complete the hunting sequence By Andrea Carne Laser light pointers are commonly found in pet stores and veterinary clinics worldwide. They remain an extremely popular toy with cat owners of all age. And yet, many cat behavior consultants generally discourage the use of them. Why? Well, the simple answer lies in the idea that the incessant chasing of the… Continued

Scents and Sense-ability

This article examines a new study that explores the importance cats place on an absent owner’s smell vs. their physical presence     By Andrea Carne   “Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived.” – Helen Keller   Olfaction – the sense of smell – I’m sure we are all aware that it’s incredibly important to many species, including humans and dogs. However, I would wager there are many that don’t realise how important it also is for… Continued

Keep Calm and Carry On De-stressing

This article discusses how feline behavior consultants can help cats diagnosed with Feline Idiopathic Cystitis     By Andrea Carne Feline Idiopathic Cystitis – or FIC for short – is a complex name for an intriguing disease, but cat behavior consultants need to be well versed in all that it encompasses, and here’s why: FIC accounts for around two thirds of all cases of feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) (International Cat Care, 2018). One of the first symptoms of FLUTD (and therefore FIC) is changes in toileting behavior. And… Continued

Ask the Experts: Planning for Difficult Conversations

This article provides suggestions on how to address the situation with a dog trainer who isn’t getting good reviews from their class students     By Veronica Boutelle Ever had to deal with a good dog trainer who is knowledgeable but whose students are not enamored of their teaching skills? Our experts from dogbiz have the answer!   Bad Reviews Dear dogbiz, One of the trainers who teaches classes for me isn’t getting the greatest reviews from our students. A few have even complained. It’s nothing terrible. She’s a good… Continued

Cat Sitter or Cattery?

This article provides a guide for feline behavior professionals to help their clients decide on the best care option for their cats when they’re away from home. Pet owners often worry about leaving their animals in care while they take a well-earned break. As a cat behavior consultant, I am often asked for advice on what’s best for a client’s cat and, as many of these cats are known to me because they have had a current or previous behavior issue that we’ve been managing, the decision is not always… Continued

The Cornerstones of PPG: Engaging, Educating, and Empowering

An interview with PPG founder and president Niki Tudge about why she started a member organization for force-free training pet professionals, what members and pet owners can expect from PPG, and what sets PPG apart.   PPG founder and president of PPG Niki Tudge started formulating the idea of establishing an organization for force-free pet training professionals in November 2011, after she had witnessed a trainer in a pet supplies store hanging a screaming dog in the air with a choke chain while shouting “No!” Upon complaining to the store’s… Continued