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Holiday Safety for Dogs

While the holiday season can be a fun time of year for us, we also need to be thinking about how to keep our canine friends safe. This article explores some common seasonal pet hazards and how to avoid them. Holiday Decorations Pine needles – Real Christmas trees have sharp needles; not only can these hurt your dog’s paws, but if eaten they can cause tummy issues, including blockages, or puncture your dog’s tummy or intestines. Hoover up pine needles regularly. Tree water – Do not let your dog drink… Continued

Keep These Foods Away from Your Dog at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to get together with family and friends and for you to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Here are some foods that you should keep away from your dog at Thanksgiving: Turkey skin, cooked bones and dark meat. Turkey skin and the dark meat are high in fat and could cause pancreatitis. Turkey skin is hard to digest and if you marinade it or use spices or oil then the skin keeps hold of these when cooked making it unsafe for your dog. Cooked turkey and ham… Continued

Halloween Can Be Stressful for Dogs

Halloween can be fun for us but stressful for dogs, especially if you get a lot of trick-or-treaters coming to the door. Trick-or-Treaters You could consider putting up a sign saying, “no trick-or-treaters please” and leave sweeties in a safe place outside for children to help themselves to instead. Otherwise, keep your dog inside and away from the door as your dog may not recognize that the ghost, vampire or witch at your door is a child or person they know. Even a fairy can be scary to a dog… Continued

Summer Fun for Dogs & Puppies

It’s summertime (in the Northern Hemisphere) with longer days, meaning that we can spend more time enjoying the nice weather with our puppies or dogs. For Dogs Who Love Water If you are spending time in the garden, make sure you provide shade and water. If your dog or puppy enjoys a paddle, then you can provide a paddling pool for your pup to play in and you can buy toys that float. Be careful with your dog or puppy around your sprinkler and limit the use or buy a… Continued

Ask A Trainer: Help! My Dog’s Barking is Getting Worse

  Q. My 3-year-old whippet barks as soon as someone arrives next door, especially with a dog. This has gotten worse and I am at a loss to know how to stop him. – via Facebook A. Thank you for your question. We need to try and work out why your dog is barking. For example, is your dog barking because he is defending the house? Or is he worried? Or excited by people and/or other dogs? When someone arrives next door, is your dog’s barking triggered by him seeing… Continued

Jumpy Dogs – Key Strategies That Might Surprise You

Traditionally you may have been told to ignore dogs or puppies when they jump up. However, this is unfair to your dog or puppy, as usually when they jump up they are nervous and are asking for reassurance, or you have been away and they are pleased to see you. Dogs are social animals and crave social and emotional contact from their guardians. Therefore, when your dog jumps, they have a social or emotional need, and as dog guardians we should fulfill that need.   Provide Reassurance When your dog… Continued