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The Shocking Truth

With recent events in Scotland regarding so called e-collars (the ‘e’ stands for electronic), the debate has been heating up. I thought I would take this opportunity to air a few suggestions to some of the statements that are being made. There appears to be some serious misconceptions and incorrect information surrounding e-collars that I would like to address in one swoop, here is an excellent platform to do just that. I wanted to start with a deeply scientific article about using e-collars but you know what, the people that will read that… Continued

Is Planet Earth Flat?

Well the simple answer to that is NO! Of course we know that. If anybody asked you that question nowadays you’d probably be very amused. Why do I ask this on a dog training blog I hear you say? Well, I have been asked this question so much lately on social media, training consults and class…..what is the question? “Do I need to be a pack leader?” “Do I need to be alpha?” and, dare I say it, “Do I have a dominant dog?” Let’s look first of all at… Continued