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Help Prevent Separation Anxiety Related Problems with The Flitting Game

There’s a two-part game that I call The Flitting Game. This game, and The ‘Where’s Your Dinner?’ Game, are the preparatory stages for building your dog’s confidence and sense of security. Together with careful management and avoiding leaving your dog alone before they can cope, these are the foundations for preventing separation anxiety related problems. STEP ONE To play, start off by choosing two adjacent rooms, ideally the kitchen and living room. Set the timer on your phone (silently) for five minutes, then make multiple trips from one room to the next;… Continued

Getting Your Puppy or New Dog Used to Being Alone: Where’s Your Dinner Game

Where’s Your Dinner Game This game is an easy and simple way to build a bit of independence and confidence in a puppy or a new dog. It is based on free choice on the dog’s part and can be adapted in any number of ways as their confidence builds.   It requires two people and a bowl of food! One person holds the puppy at one end of the room while the other places their bowl of food down at the far end of the room, and then quickly… Continued