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Homemade Dog Treat Recipe: Zenikens

Zenikens were developed to help two dogs with two different problems. Zen after whom the cookies are named, suffered from muscle and nerve immunity problems similar to MS and required a diet as preservative free as possible; Chappi had anal gland issues needing the high fiber to assist these delicate glands.   Oven temperature: 200 degrees Celsius; (Approximately 400 degrees Fahrenheit) Ingredients: 4 cups rolled oats plus some extra if needed 3 cups whole meal plain flour plus some extra if needed 2 to 2 ½ cups wheat bran –… Continued

Homemade Dog Treat Recipe: Gandhi’s Globs

Gandhi’s globs were developed as a high value meal replacement for training reinforcements. Gandhi loves his food and feeding him these during many of his training session acts as a part meal replacement to help him to maintain his weight. Ingredients: 1 kg or 2lb chicken mince, cooked 60 gm or 2oz fresh parsley chopped finely or vitamised 500 gm or 1lb carrots minced or vitamised 200 gm or 7oz celery chopped finely or vitamised 200 gm or 7oz zucchini chopped finely or vitamised Can diced tomato including juice 2… Continued