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Herbal Tea for Horses

I love herbal tea—the many flavor varieties, the way it warms me up when I have a chill, the relaxing effect it has on me. A few winters ago, I had a lightbulb moment while preparing breakfast for the horses. As I took a sip of my peppermint tea from my thermos, I thought, “If horses love starlight mints, would they like mint tea?” Next thing you know, I had devised an elaborate taste preference test with many different types of herbs that I knew were horse-safe. I tested several… Continued

Environmental Enrichment for Equines

If you share your life with cats, dogs, or even birds, then you have likely heard of the term ‘Environmental Enrichment’ (or Behavioral Enrichment in some circles). But did you know it can be used with equines, too? Fundamentals  The fundamental strategy of enrichment for animals is to consider a species’ natural behaviors and the individual animal’s unique personality to devise ways to encourage and increase their expression. Horses, for example, are grazing animals that move long distances in small increments while foraging for the perfect grass; how can we… Continued