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Do You Love Someone Who is Afraid of Dogs?

Most of us know a child who is afraid of dogs. My own daughter, at the age of 4, became so afraid of dogs that she refused to go on playdates or family outings because she was afraid that she might see a dog. The fear of dogs, aka cynophobia, affects millions of people, many of them children. When it is not addressed, it can significantly impact the child’s social and emotional health. The fear of heights or spiders does not impact kids the same way. It is possible to… Continued

Fear of Dogs: Expert Tips for Trainers

This article discusses learning to understand how a fear of dogs develops, and presents some strategies that will gradually help reduce that fear By Stefani M. Cohen LCSW  As dog trainers and pet industry professionals, you have most likely encountered someone who is afraid of dogs. You may even have received a call that the family just got a new puppy or dog and their child is afraid of him/her. I thought it would be helpful for you to have a general understanding of how the fear develops and then… Continued