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Help! I’m a Dog Trainer, but I Don’t Have the “Perfect Dog”

In this article, the experts at dogbiz share tips for dog trainers who may feel insecure about not having the “perfect dog.” Ask dogbiz Q: Hi dogbiz, Last year I became a certified dog trainer, and I’m now building my business. The problem is—my own dog still struggles with behavior challenges, and people seem to assume I should have the “perfect dog.” It often leaves me feeling unsure and like an imposter. I know I’m doing my best, but how can I overcome this insecurity? Thanks, Emma A: Hi Emma,… Continued

Say Goodbye to Cash Flow Woes: Expert Tips for Managing Your Training Business Income

In this article, the experts at dogbiz share tips for managing cash flow for your training business. Ask dogbiz Q: Hi dogbiz, I’ve recently started my own dog training business (woot woot!), but I’m finding it challenging to feel safe about the money part. It feels like a big adjustment after having a regular paycheck for most of my career, and my income is now up and down every month. Any tips on how to navigate this aspect of the business and avoid getting cold feet? Thanks, Ryan A: Hi… Continued

Are You Stuck in a Social Media Content Rut? Get Unstuck!

In this article, the experts at dogbiz share tips for breaking through creative blocks and generating fresh social media content for your business. Ask dogbiz Q: Hi dogbiz, It’s only the start of the year, and I’m already struggling to come up with fresh content ideas for my social media accounts. It feels like I’ve hit a creative block, and I’m not sure how to break through it. Any tips on generating engaging content when inspiration seems to be running low? Thanks, Alex A: Hi Alex, Ah, yes, the constant… Continued

How to Get Feedback That Doesn’t Leave You Taken Aback

  In this article, the experts at dogbiz share tips for requesting and using valuable feedback from clients. Ask dogbiz Q: Hi dogbiz, I know getting feedback from clients can be a valuable way to improve my services, but I’m nervous about how to approach it. I worry about bothering them or receiving negative comments. What’s the best way to request and use feedback without making it awkward for everyone involved? Thanks, Charlotte A: Hi Charlotte, First, kudos to you for considering feedback as an essential part of your business… Continued