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BARKS Podcast with Rosie Robinson of Wuf Design

Join Niki Tudge and PPG Canine Committee chair Judy Luther as they Chat and Chuckle with Rosie Robinson of Wuf Design in the UK about websites, lead generation, Google, and so much more.

Rosie offers support from simple sites to full on e-commerce and has the digital solutions to ensure your business reaches the right customers.


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Recorded July 11, 2022.


About Rosie Robinson

Robinson, Rosie Wuf DesignsSays Rosie: Entrepreneurship runs in my blood. I started running my own businesses whilst at Central St Martins studying Fine Art. It was clear from the beginning that learning to code and build websites for the businesses I was running would be critical. So that’s exactly what I did. 

With a move into the pet industry, something clicked. I had found my tribe.

I have the hindsight and foresight you need: with extensive experience from over 10 years running my own pet businesses I instinctively know what will work. If you’ve got a pet business conundrum chances are I’ve already dealt with it and can give you the head start you need.  

From highly successful trainers, to expert vets, best in show groomers and talented pet creatives I just love working with pet business owners to create digital homes that help their businesses thrive.

I have the vision to guide your brand: I know pet businesses inside out. And I know design. I can guide your business into a brand with a strong, unique and consistent visual presence. 

I have the practical build skills to make it happen for you: I help pet business professionals grow their companies by creating them a digital home that truly represents their carefully crafted brand.

From simple sites to full on e-commerce I have the digital solutions to ensure your business reaches the right customers. 

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