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A Cautionary Tale

By Kayla Sprague

© Kayla Sprague

When I got home I pulled out a pretty pink collar from my drawer with Cupcake’s old ID tag and thought, “Well little girl, as you’re staying for a bit you’ll need this.” I thought it would be a breeze, just snap it on and she’s good to go outside. WRONG! Wow, was I wrong. The collar clicked and she whipped round to take off my arm. I was stunned. What just happened? This sweet little girl had all of a sudden became an attack dog. She barely missed my arm. She panicked. She paced. She was not having the collar but I could not get close enough to remove it. I could not clip a leash to it. I could not even touch it. I stopped to wonder what could have caused such a negative reaction. After much ado I finally got the collar off her and she was instantly a different dog again. She would no longer look at me, however. Read more.

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