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PPG Summit 2020 Sessions: Building Stronger Teams for the Shelter

© Sherry Woodard

BARKS presents session details from PPG’s 2020 Summit and Multi-Species Workshop Events in Phoenix, Arizona

Session Details:
Presenter: Sherry Woodard
Session Title: Building Stronger Teams for the Shelter, Community, Rescue, Adoptions, Daily Care and Enrichment
Session Type: Lecture (1.5 Hours)

In the shelter environment, strong teams are important to expand every aspect of your work with animals and the community. A limited number of staff can only do so much. You can increase your effectiveness by creating teams composed of staff members, community partners and volunteers, so much more can be accomplished.

This session will explore how to build strong, effective teams. As a result, sharing our skills, knowledge and enthusiasm will increase what we can offer both to the animals and the community.

Learning Objectives:

  • Utilizing staff and community members working together to focus on interventions so that animals may not have to enter the shelter.
  • Using strong teams to address behavior concerns, and enhance daily care and enrichment.
  • How to develop stronger teams of staff, volunteers and community partners in order to increase adoptions.

BARKS presents session details from PPG’s 2020 Summit and Workshops in Phoenix, Arizona
*Early bird discount available if you register before January 31, 2020!

PPG Summit 2020 will take place in Phoenix, Arizona and offer two unique programs:

Program 1: The Four-Day Summit
Program 2: The Four-Day Summit + Daily Off-Site Workshops at the Arizona Humane Society

Dates: Friday, September 18 – Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Event theme: Collaborative Care and Enrichment – Creating Partnerships for Positive Results

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