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Ask the Experts: But I Hate Marketing!

By Veronica Boutelle

© Can Stock Photo/damedeeso

Part of the distaste around marketing for most positive reinforcement dog professionals is the seedy feeling of selling ourselves. But with strong content-based marketing like a newsletter, you don’t have to sing your own praises so much. Readers will be able to experience your professionalism and expertise just by enjoying the advice and insights you share. You can use newsletters to market more widely. Because you’re offering good, solid reading material, you can leave newsletters outside normal marketing channels. Put yours in dentist offices and hair salons and cafes, just as a few examples—leave them anywhere someone might need something to help pass the time. And leave them in the normal spots, too—they’ll outshine the collection of dusty brochures and business cards at the local vet clinics and pet supply shops. Plus, because your newsletter will change each quarter, potential clients are more likely to pick it up again—something that rarely happens with a static brochure. Read more.


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