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Ask the Experts: Innovation, Creation

dog trainers pandemic
Dog training can be isolating work, but the pandemic has seen professionals coming together to support each other © Can Stock Photo / cynoclub

…the pandemic essentially hurled our industry into the future as trainers were forced to adapt quickly to continue to serve dogs and their people. We probably would have gotten here eventually, but at our industry’s usual snail’s pace the things we’ve learned (such as the benefits of working online and all the lessons learned there) would have taken far longer.

The fast track may have been a bit discombobulating, but many trainers who stepped outside the box and took a good look around have decided to put that box in the recycling bin. This isn’t just about working online. It’s about how we package our services, price them, design them for the immediate needs of our community. It’s about how we market them and talk about them and even how we feel about the value of them. Ultimately it’s about finally freeing ourselves of the fear of doing things differently, and finding our creativity, our innovative streak, our boldness.

(Issue 46, January 2021, p.58). Read article 

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