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Ask the Experts: Mastering a Schedule

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A well-crafted schedule allows you to focus on just the task at hand, knowing that everything else will be taken care of at the allotted time © Can Stock Photo / iqoncept

A master schedule is a powerful tool, but it’s not magical. Organizing how you use your time can make you more efficient and remove a lot of stress, but it can’t change the natural laws of time. If you’re trying to fit in more than is possible to get done in a day your master schedule will break down.

So your next step is taking a hard look at all that you have on your plate, and then doing the (sometimes painful) work of reducing it. What can be set down or scaled back in order to build a realistic, sustainable schedule for yourself, one in which you feel you are finally in control and on top of things?

(Issue 48, May 2021, p.53). Read article 

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