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Ask the Experts: Virtual Training

virtual online dog training
With careful marketing, dog trainers can highlight how and why virtual training is beneficial and show potential clients that it works © Can Stock Photo / GeorgeRudy

Benefits: Emphasize the benefits of online training. Don’t just state that you’re offering it, sell it! Tell potential clients on your website and when you talk to them how thrilled you are with the advantages (and outcomes!) of this way of training.

It Works: Show people how it works. Help potential clients understand what training this way will be like—both to inspire them and to assuage concerns or confusion they may have about it. Sometimes we just need to be able to imagine ourselves in a situation. You can do this through photos or video clips of you and clients or students working online (with their permission), testimonials, etc.

(Issue 45, November 2020, p.59). Read article 

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