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BARKS Podcast with Coleen Ellis of Coleen Rocks: May 8, 2020

Join Niki Tudge as she hosts Coleen Ellis from Coleen Rocks to talk about how to get your business “Future Ready.”

Listen to Podcast here on a choice of platforms. Or simply click ‘Play’ below.


Ready to be inspired and energized? In this interactive dynamic discussion you will learn how to think about your marketing from a different perspective. We will discuss the importance of “Honoring Your Story” to understanding the “Experience Economy” and how to use these to get your business Future Ready. Ever wondered about the importance of being different? Well, we’ve got it covered here. Learn about your “5 Onlies” and much more. So strap in, this is a long one, chock full of advice and tips to getting your business future ready! Whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to be all things in the new business you’re rockin’, or you just need a burst of energy to start you off on your next journey, Coleen’s message will be just what you need to take YOU to the next level!

Click here to find out more about Coleen Ellis and Coleen Rocks.

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