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BARKS Podcast with Denise O’Moore of INTODogs: July 31, 2020

Niki Tudge hosts Denise O’Moore, chair of INTO Dogs, to chat about all things Geek Week, a virtual educational event taking place on November 11-15, 2020.

Geek Week Early Bird

Join us to find out all about the Geek Week schedule, presenters, and all things Geeky.

  • Tune in to hear the fun news about this great event where, for five-days, 24-hours a day, there will be more than 130 educational sessions with over 80 presenters.
  • Learn about the sponsorship opportunities, virtual exhibitor halls, and so much more.

See Geek Week for more details.

Listen to Podcast here on a choice of platforms. Or simply click ‘Play’ below.

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