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BARKS Podcast with Dr. Lynn Bahr: June 6, 2019

Guest: Dr. Lynn Bahr DVM, the CEO of Dezi & Roo

Dr. Bahr serves on the Board of Director of Pandemonium Aviaries, Fear Free Advisory Board, Parliamentarian of the Society of Veterinary Medical Ethics, and is on the Cat Committee of the Pet Professional Guild.

Topic:  Scratch, Scratch, Scratch

The benefits of allowing cats to scratch and how to encourage them to scratch appropriately. This podcast will include tips, tricks, and tools to help cat owners live cohesively with their clawed cats. We will discuss why it is good for a cat’s health and wellbeing to scratch, ways to encourage them to scratch appropriately, and the necessary tools owners need to prevent damage or harm to themselves or their furniture and prized belongings.

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