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BARKS Podcast with Emily Wolf and Libby Felts of Summit Dog Rescue

PPG president Niki Tudge chats to Emily Wolf and Libby Felts of Summit Dog Rescue and the podcast, Pod to the Rescue.

Emily and Libby provide us with an inside look at the newly created podcast, Pod to the Rescue. Whether you are fostering or adopting, the podcast was created with the goal of providing the rescue community with up-to-date information on dogs’ behavior and how to set your dog up for success.

Listen for a special guest ‘appearance’ by Daisy the Dog – keeping it real!

Listen to Podcast here on a choice of platforms. Or simply click ‘Play’ below.

About Summit Dog Rescue

Summit Dog Rescue logo
Summit Dog Rescue is an all-volunteer animal rescue organization that has saved the lives of thousands of dogs and kitties since 2009. Every single volunteer gives their time, energy, money, and more to support saving the lives of animals they rescue from all over the country.

SUMMIT DOG RESCUE NOW HAS A PODCAST – ​POD TO THE RESCUE!  Summit Dog Rescue volunteers Emily and Libby now have a groundbreaking rescue podcast that you can hear from wherever you are. The podcast was rated 44th in the entire world for animal podcasts.

The podcasts are free of charge: Emily and Libby provide incredibly valuable information to help you be successful in your lifetime journey with your dog – including training and behavior tips from the experts.

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