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Building Bonds That Last

By Jennifer Shryock

© Jennifer Shryock

Because dog and baby/toddler dynamics are constantly evolving, I would like to suggest that we shift the emphasis from the standard ‘introducing dog to baby’ and focus instead on working to build bonds as baby grows through ongoing, consistent trust and comfort. It has become more common for families to prepare their dog for the arrival of a baby, but far less common for them to prepare for the stages of crawling or beginning to walk. Ideally, planning and preparation would continue for each new developmental stage throughout the first couple of years. But that takes work, you say…. Yes! Indeed it does; relationships take time and work. Dogs rely on predictability and consistent body language. Babies change quickly and constantly during the first two years and almost nothing is predictable. That alone makes it hard for dog and parents – as soon as one stage is over another begins. Read more.


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