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Dogs on the Road

By Diane Garrod

© Can Stock Photo/ChristinLola

Traveling in a home on wheels can be a disaster without thorough planning. Any trip can be a full sensory overload for a dog with new smells to explore, wildlife to avoid, and evening jaunts in new environments. Before inviting your dog or other animals to travel with you, then, an acclimation period is necessary…Before heading out, prepare how you will teach (acclimate) your dog to tolerate and accept riding in a home moving at the equivalent of a level four earthquake, jostling down a noisy highway. The stress of this alone can make the journey challenging and take away the fun for human and animal. Assume nothing as your best dog could be your worst traveler, and your worst dog, your best traveler. The experience is as new to them as it is for you. Look at the journey from your dog’s perspective, as they can hear things much louder than you and see the slightest of movements. Read article

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