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Everything Was Fine Until…

© Can Stock Photo/MarcinSl1987

I’m reminded of a young dog who had been housebroken, but suddenly began to refuse to go out in the backyard and would urinate in the home as soon as she had a chance to do so unobserved. The veterinary exam had shown nothing unusual, the diet had not been changed, work schedules the same, no new additions or losses to the household, etc. Watching the dog as the client and I talked, I noticed that every tiny sound outside the consultation room was registering with the dog. Her ears were moving just about nonstop as she tried to track all the sounds of a busy veterinary clinic. Loud noises made her cringe, though she recovered in a few minutes. I asked about sounds that the dog might be exposed to in the backyard. At first, the guardian shook her head, “No…” but then paused. It turned out that with the spring weather, she had hung up some big garden chimes (Issue 42, May 2020, pp.30-31). Read article

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