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Performance Anxiety

By Kathie Gregory

© Kathie Gregory

People such as the vet and the farrier need to get the job done in a timely manner. They do not have a lot of time, and waiting for as long as it takes for a horse to respond is not always viable; something we are well aware of. But knowing this creates a problem because we think our horse must do what is needed immediately. We are now in a state of anxiety, and sometimes embarrassed at the thought of not being good enough to achieve what is asked. It also undermines our confidence as, if we do not get the result we need, we think it will reinforce the other person’s perception that what we are doing is not effective. We have set ourselves up with performance anxiety before the vet or farrier even arrives! But if you ask, both vet and farrier are usually more than happy to give your horse time to settle. We are often the ones who feel we must not take up their time, and have everything ready in an instant. This state of mind affects how we interact with our horse, and the decisions we make at the time. Read more.

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