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PPG Virtual Summit Recordings Now Available!

The recordings for the PPG Virtual Summit on April 2-3, 2020, celebrating the launch of the Pet Rescue Resource, are now available. Register here for access to these eight exceptional educational experiences offering 12 hours of recordings plus Q&A sessions:

  1. Preventing and Reducing Fear in The Shelter Environment – Dr. Karolina Westlund of Illis Animal Behavior Consulting
  2. Seven Top Tips to Promote Calm in Rescue and Shelter Dogs – Dr. Nick Thompson of Holisticvet
  3. Scent Work Solutions for Dogs in Rescues and Shelters – Dr. Nick Thompson of Well Connected Canine
  4. Rethinking Separation Anxiety in the Homeless Dog – Malena DeMartini and Casey McGee of Malena DeMartini
  5. The Importance of Positively and  Emotionally Linking Scent to Your Training – Dr. Robert Hewings of the UK College of Scent Dogs
  6. Code Breaker: How dogs understand us (and we them) – Dr. Juliane Kaminski of the Dog Cognition Center Portsmouth
  7. Implementing Science-Based Training in Shelter and Rescue – Dr. Zazie Todd of Companion Animal Psychology
  8. The Neglected Pieces of the Arthritis Puzzle – Important interventions for shelter dogs suffering with arthritis – Dr. Hannah Capon of Canine Arthritis Management

PPG warmly thanks all the presenters for taking part and for sharing their expertise with our worldwide audience.

Underwritten and designed by The Academy for Dog Trainers.

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