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September 6, 2018: French Survey Highlights “a High Ratio of E-Collar Use in a Country without Regulations”

Questionnaire distributed to 1,251 dog owners reports that 26 percent of the owners use e-collars, 11.9 percent use bark-activated collars, 4.5 percent use electronic boundary fence collars, and 14.2 percent use remote-controlled collars. Authors state that e-collar use was found to be “significantly associated with 3 factors: dogs weighing over 40 kg, non-neutered status, and dogs used for hunting or security activities. In addition, the data collected showed that e-collars were mainly used on young dogs (<2 years). The vast majority of e-collar users (71.8%) used the collar without professional advice, and 75% of e-collar users tried 2 or fewer other solutions before using the collar.” Read study.

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