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Teaching Trailer Loading

By Kathie Gregory

© Ewa Highland

Not all horses automatically enjoy the process of going into a trailer, yet in an emergency it may be essential for them to do so…Think of fun ways to teach these things. You may be interested in agility, tricks, or creating a routine to a piece of music. We do all these things with dogs to interest and engage them, so think about how to apply that to your horse. If your horse likes movement, you may look at agility or hoofwork to music as a starting point. If your horse is more of a thinker, perhaps starting with teaching tricks will keep his mind engaged. I find adding targeting to the activities we do is fun and motivating for my horses, so don’t think you have to stick with one activity. Instead, mix it up, and do what makes your horse happy. If there is something that he is not good at, anxious or insecure about, leave it until he has gained some confidence from other activities. Read more.

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