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The Argument against Prong Collars

By Diane Garrod

A prong collar has a pair of prongs approximately every inch. The prongs are made of wire, approximately 3⁄32 inches in diameter. Still ignoring the drawstring effect – each prong contacts the neck with an area of only about 7⁄1000 inches2. So 20 prongs, 80 pounds, generate about 579 psi at each prong tip, assuming they are blunt, not pointed. If the prongs are located over the larynx it is hard to imagine injury (at least bruising) NOT occurring. This pressure will easily collapse any blood vessel that suffers the fate of being beneath a prong.  To recap: the contact force is over six times greater for a simple choke, and over 100 times greater for prongs for the SAME PULL. Yet some people will still believe there is no physical damage. Read article

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