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Think Outside the Cage

By Amy Martin

© Amy Martin

Parrots thrive in an environment worthy of investigation. In fact, healthy parrots require this. No matter how large a parrot’s enclosure is, it is still basically a modified jail cell. There needs to be a variety of ways for each species of parrot to play and actively engage with their environment as they would choose to do in the wild. Consider how the parrot could safely navigate his world inside and outside of his enclosure. Not only could many parrots benefit mentally and physically from time outside their enclosure, they also need daily activities to keep them happily occupied. It is not enough to just add some perching and a few toys; the activities and enrichment we offer needs to reflect what that particular species of bird would be doing in the wild. Activities, toys and specially created environments all allow parrots to behave naturally, and are a necessary part of a parrot’s overall well-being. Read more.

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