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Walking the Force-Free Path

By Daniel Antolec

© Can Stock Photo Inc./ksuksa

I recently enjoyed a thought-provoking conversation with a respected colleague on the subject of force-free professional dog training and my former career as a police officer. I think her expectation was that, given my background in law enforcement, I might be inclined to use forceful methods, such as those commonly associated with so-called “dominance theory.”…When I chose to become a dog trainer I discovered the force-free philosophy I now formally embrace. It was a natural transition. I do not use fear, intimidation or inflict pain on dogs during the training process… because it is neither reasonable nor necessary to do so. I do not use shock, prong or choke collars, do not hit, hang or kick dogs… because I seek to cause no unnecessary harm. Being a humane professional dog trainer does not make me an exceptional person and I deserve no applause or recognition for simply doing what is ethical. Read article

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