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PPG’s New Pet Training Science Alliance Program

Join Niki Tudge, Jean Donaldson, Judy Luther, and Rebekah King as they gather to officially launch PPG’s new Pet Training Science Alliance (PTSA)! Learn about what the program is, how the program works, and how you can help support it as an educator or as a learner.  Stay up to date on the latest PTSA projects here: ⁠ Listen to the podcast on a choice of platforms here. Or simply click on the “play” button below. Recorded September 25, 2023

PPG’s Ethics Review Process—A Reminder

Professional ethics are of utmost importance here at PPG, and we take reports about ethics violations very seriously. PPG’s ethics review process is detailed and confidential, and has worked exceptionally well since it was created more than 12 years ago. However, in order for PPG’s Ethics Committee to investigate an ethics violation report, the person making the report must provide complete information and evidence to support their claim. For legal, ethical and other reasons, PPG can’t investigate ethics complaints based on hearsay. Read more about PPG’s ethics review process and requirements… Continued

Michelle Martiya Returns as Chair of the Equid Division

Join us in welcoming back Michelle Martiya as chair of PPG’s Equid Division! Michelle helped found the Equid Division in 2018 and owns Essential Animal Training in Boca Raton, Florida. She takes the reins from Dorothy Heffernan, who served as chair of the division for two years. Click here to read the news release.

The PPG 2023 Summit Save The Date!

Homeward Bound – Transitioning Pets into Their New Homes Save The Dates Fun & Enriching Education for Pets & Their People Dates Nov 1-5, 2023, Arizona Humane Society 2023   Presentation Topics Homeward Bound  Matchmaking 101: Pairing the Right Pet With the Best Home Welcoming a New Pet: Reality, NOT “Reality TV” Look, Listen and Learn: Teaching People What Their Pets Are Telling Them Animal Husbandry: Top 10 Important Skills & Knowledge for Clients From Cautious to Confident: Fun and Games for Shy Pets AND Their People Simplifying Shaping Skills… Continued