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Debra Milikan

Your committee chair and a member of PPG’s board of directors

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Welcome to the Education Committee!

The Education Committee works on special projects where specific expertise is required. When working on a specific project or developing educational programs for PPG, the Education Committee convenes with the necessary skills and talent to complete the designated tasks.

PPG’s Education Committee was instrumental in developing the Pet Dog Ambassador program with a team from PPG Australia back in 2015. The committee also worked with Nocti, a specialist industry credentialing organization, to develop the examination and skills-testing criteria for the Pet Professional Accreditation Board (PPAB) credentialing program. The Education Committee works alongside PPG divisional volunteers to develop new PPAB credentialing programs and translate PPAB study guides into other languages, and it also plays a supportive role in developing PPG’s annual summits.

Are you an animal behavior or training professional who is deeply committed to positive behavior change? Does joining an organization of like-minded individuals who support your professional goals and development interest you? As a professional member of PPG, you get exclusive access to these popular PPG programs:

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You also get discounts on PPG’s Pet Dog Ambassador program, Doggone safe, the application fees for Pet Professional Accreditation Board credentials, and PPG webinars and events, as well as special offers from our corporate partners and free access to loads of resources to support you and your business.

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After signing up to join PPG, please take a moment to visit the Shock-Free Coalition and sign the shock-free pledge. Thank you! As always, the Pet Professional Guild remains committed to providing programs, networking opportunities and resources that empower professionals and pet owners to provide the quality care that all pets deserve.

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