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Dog Walking Academy

Earn Your DN-CPDW

Trade in your stressful, stale, or unsatisfying work for a living doing something you love—spending time with dogs. Become a professional dog walker!

Already walking dogs? Learn a few new dog tricks, gain a marketing edge, solve pesky problems, and grow your business to new heights. Save training time, set your company apart, and get more from your dog walking, pet sitting, dog daycare, and boarding kennel staff.

In an unregulated industry, anyone can be a dog walker. But to be a professional dog walker requires professional education and training. Investing in your professional development, your business, and your employees’ education is a wise decision. As a business owner, to expand and grow your business you need to develop new skills and knowledge, as well as recruit, train, and manage high-quality employees.

The Dog Walking Academy course by DogNostics is the original online training course created by dog*biz in 2004. Called the “Harvard” of dog walking programs, this course set the bar for dog walking education. The course will help you:

  • Learn how to sidestep and fix the common start-up, marketing, rate, and policy mistakes that keep dog walkers from making a strong, reliable living walking dogs. (Why learn from your own mistakes or make less money than you could?)
  • Get answers and solutions to common canine dilemmas, such as,
    • “Why do dogs do what they do?”
    • “How do I get a dog to start or stop doing something?”
    • “How do I deal with a stressful behavior problem?”
  • Acquire the knowledge, skills, and confidence to handle anything that comes your way, from canine first aid/ CPR and emergency protocols to understanding how to avoid and break up dog fights.
  • Stand out to potential clients, referral sources, or employers by investing in your professionalism and commitment to the best possible care of the dogs entrusted to you.

Upon completion of the program, you will earn your DN-CPDW (DogNostics – Certificate in Professional Dog Walking) designation.

Attend the original online dog walking course from the convenience and comfort of your home. Click on “Register Now!” for curriculum details, CEUs, and registration information.

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