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Celebrating Life Together – The Antidote to Harmful and Outdated Training and Pet Care Advice

Congratulations and thank you for registering for the Celebrating Life Together advocacy event!

This page will help you with some basics for getting the most out of this important and unique event. Soon you will receive an email with more information about how to prepare and submit your entry for the Community Outreach Competition (if you are participating) and how to attend the three-day virtual education event (if you are attending).

Let’s Get Started!

Download Your Attendance Certificate

Click below to download your attendance certificate. Add your name and, if you like, your pet’s name to the certificate.

Order Your Official Event T-Shirt

Click on the button for the supplier that operates in your country.

To waive the cost for your t-shirt and the shipping fee, enter the following codes on the same coupon code line during checkout:

  • Free t-shirt code: ZJC23ZJPAFJK
  • Free shipping code: 2RGB7385KNVS

The above codes cover the cost of ordering and delivering one T-shirt to your home address. If you wish, you may order extra shirts and pay for them at checkout.

If you registered to participate in the Community Outreach Competition:

Create Your Competition Bib

In the editable fields of the PDF, enter: 

  • Your name–Please enter your full name.
  • Bib number–Enter your birth month and the last four digits of your telephone number. This will be your unique competitor number. (For example, if your birth month is July and the last four digits of your telephone number are 1234, enter “71234” as your bib number.)

Download the Competition Guidelines

Remember These Important Dates!

August 1-31

Upload your submission to the online competition platform. The link will be available on Aug. 1 and you must upload your submission by Aug. 31.

September 1-28

Get votes! Share your entry via the internet, social media, and email, and ask your followers, family, and friends to vote for it. When sharing on social media, be sure to hashtag your post with #CelebratingLifeTogether.

Ready to choose your outreach activity and prepare your submission?

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