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The Pet Professional Guild recognizes the need for a level of oversight in the pet training and services industry, specifically regarding business practices, transparency, and marketing.

The professional growth and improvement of the pet training and services industry depends upon a recognition that the varied sectors found within the industry must be based, first and foremost, on a respect for the animals in our care, the people we serve, and our colleagues.

This means Pet Professional Guild members must continually seek to establish the highest ethical standards by adhering to the organization’s Guiding Principles and satisfying the needs of their clients in a professional, proficient, and ethical way. Acceptance of and adherence to this Code of Ethical Conduct is an eligibility requirement for Pet Professional Guild members.

Application of the Code

The Code of Ethical Conduct applies to all member levels of the Pet Professional Guild and commits all members to comply fully with the standards, codes, rules and procedures of the organization.

Please note that a lack of knowledge about or misunderstanding of this code is not in itself a defense against a breach of ethical conduct.

The full code of conduct can be downloaded from the file to the left

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