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Book Review: “Dog Training and Behaviour Solutions”

Reviewed by Lottie Bennett, Lottie’s School for Dogs

“Dog Training and Behaviour Solutions” is not your average dog training book. Indeed, it is a collaboration piece between multiple force-free and fear-free professionals and if two heads are better than one, then twelve must be even better than that!

The kindle book cover for Dog Training and Behavior Solutions.
Photo provided by Sally Bradbury

The book is a compilation of articles written by these professionals on various aspects of puppy and dog ownership, care, training, and managing and treating behavior problems. As such, you do not need to read the book cover to cover, but the articles are compiled in such a way that it will take you through in a sensible order if that’s what you wish to do. Alternatively, you can skip to whichever issue you wish to look up and read articles about it. If previous knowledge of a preceding article is required, it is usually mentioned in the article you’re reading.


A Collaboration of Force-Free Professionals

It is good to see some articles referring back to others written by a different author, proving that this is indeed a collaboration between like-minded professionals and the advice isn’t coming from a singular source.

All of the writers do well at maintaining an overall ‘tone’ but of course, they write as individuals so you do get different voices. You may find you prefer some to others.

Despite a generally professional voice, the tone is friendly, and at (appropriate) times, humorous. From a grammar perspective, it is well written, so easy to read.

Something for Everyone

Some of the articles are brief and provide a quick and easy read; others are more lengthy, but the formatting and editing breaks them up well with subheadings making the text much easier to take in.

The advice is well presented without complex jargon and easy for anyone to take in, from people brand new to dog training to seasoned professionals looking for another way of presenting their information or an alternative method. Easy to understand anecdotes and comparisons help people to understand their dogs’ perceptions of situations.


The book “Dog Training and Behaviour Solutions” is brought to you by the professional team behind the Facebook group Dog Training Advice and Support (DTAS).

About the Reviewer

Lottie Bennett is the Managing Director and Dog Training Instructor at Lottie’s School for Dogs.


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