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How to Handle Your Dog When You Encounter a Service Dog

Many pet guardians don’t know what to do when they encounter a service dog team, particularly when they have their pet with them. Here are a few tips in case you and your pet encounter a service dog team at the pet store, park, or other place.


  • Your first concern should be making sure your dog is leashed. No matter how well-trained you feel your dog is, if your dog makes a mistake and distracts the service dog, it could result in injury to the service dog handler. If you’ve been walking your dog off-lead, go ahead and snap the lead on your dog until the service dog team is out of sight. The service dog handler will very much appreciate it!


  • Give the team space. You may think one meter (about three feet) is enough, but give the team as much space as possible. Your dog should never get within a few feet of the service dog, so you may need to step back a few feet.Photo of a service dog team in a cafe


  • Be sure your dog is not barking, lunging, or otherwise distracting the service dog. Service dogs are vital to the people they are helping who are already dealing with a lot of distractions, so a barking or lunging dog may cause them an issue. If your dog might distract the service dog, try to break your dog’s line of sight with a physical barrier such as a shelf or car, or rapidly deliver treats to keep them focused on you.


Encountering a service dog team shouldn’t be stressful at all! Service dogs are wonderful to see working. The best thing a pet guardian can do is ensure their pet is allowing the service dog to work proficiently.



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